A kiln company integrating scientific research and design, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, thermal debugging and technical consulting


Hubei Huaguan Kiln and Furnace Engineering Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the domestic kiln industry. It has strong domestic strength and strong construction technology. It has the qualifications of general contracting for metallurgical engineering construction and professional contracting for furnace engineering. It integrates scientific research, design, and manufacturing. , A professional kiln company integrating construction, installation, thermal commissioning and technical consultation. Since its establishment nearly 30 years ago, the company has been adhering to Chinese traditional business ethics, with the assistance and cooperation of major design institutes and related institutions of higher learning across the country, and has taken the development of high-quality and low-energy kiln products suitable for national conditions as its own responsibility. Pursuing and exploring, we have made great progress and development in the fields of industrial kilns such as bricks, limes, ceramics, electric porcelain, new building materials, coking, metallurgical reduction, heat treatment, and waste treatment. Has successively undertaken more than 2,000 industrial kilns of various types in 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, including more than 60 advanced kiln technologies imported and digested from abroad, which has improved labor intensity and working environment, and achieved the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. , Has achieved significant social benefits and good reputation, well received and praised by users at home and abroad.

1991 year
The company was founded in 1991
30 year
Thirty years of industry experience
2000 seat
More than 2,000 industrial kilns of various types
60 seat
More than 60 advanced kilns abroad



After 30 years of hard work, Huaguan has won the trust of leaders at all levels, colleagues from all walks of life, especially users.


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